Feeling the pinch

As I write this I’m sitting, topless, at my desk with hair grips on my nipples.

It’s been a tough few months in terms of financial income (the life of a student is a perpetual battle to stay in the black) so JD and I have had to come up with budget friendly activities to save our pennies whilst still allowing us to become happily spent. So I figured we would share with you, our dear readers, some of the fun activities and toys we’ve managed to find in seemingly every-day objects lying around the house. Budget Kink, if you will.


Hair Grips (Bobby Pins)


Save yourself around £15 on nipple clamps and simply dig through your drawers/purse. Every girl on the planet seems to have an endless supply of these tiny metal clips but were you aware that these lightly toothed grips can serve nicely to add that little extra edge to your foreplay? Gently sliding the grip over your nipple, or clitoris, adds deliciously constant pressure to the area and if your partner is feeling wicked s/he can give them a quick squeeze at the ends to really bite down on your pleasure buttons. If the sensation is too intense try spreading the pin slightly so the pinch isn’t so tight. Take care with the release, the sudden rush of blood back to the areas can come with quiet a nice sting. Clothes pegs are also an option, but who has those anymore?




An oldie but a goodie. Every women’s magazine on earth will at one stage tell you to bring in some temperature action to your frisky activities; with good reason. It works. An ice-cube lightly held on the tongue and traced across your chest, stomach and down into your dusky nethers will give you a glorious shudder up your spine. The mix of hot tongue and cold ice is really something to get your back arching. Careful your partner’s mouth doesn’t get numb though or they’ll start drooling and complaining of frostbite.

Cosmo suggests making a ‘dildo popsicle’. Don’t.




I’ve never really given much thought to wax play other than ‘HOT, MESSY, NO’ but after drunkenly drizzling some wax on the back of my hand in a pub I’ve admittedly grown intrigued. So whack out that weird vanilla candle your aunt bought you for your birthday ‘to bring calm and peace into your life’, or at a push, grab a handful of birthday candles, and drip them across your hot naked body. I’d suggest trying this over a towel or easily washed surface…


Dressing Gown (Bath Robe)


Up here, north of the wall, dressing gowns are a must have in the cold winters and as general day wear when you can’t be bothered to wear ‘real’ clothes. Why not slip your dressing-gown belt out of it’s loops and wind it sensuously around your lover’s limbs. You don’t need expensive silk ties to have fun, or the dressing gown for that matter.




While the dressing gown is fun for the hands and feet, if you’re looking for a good blindfold (or gag) a laddered pair of tights will suit just fine. The material is usually softer than the coarse terry-cloth gown so won’t irritate your eyes (leave the rough stuff to your wrists and ankles) and lets be honest, the idea of someone ripping off your already damaged tights and winding tying you up in various ways is just a bit hot.


 Hair brush


They’re called ‘paddle’ brushes for a reason guys and gals, get smacking!You can also use the toothed side to graze across your skin, a sensory adventure awaits. Just try and remove the old hair first…




Mirrors are a severely underused tool. Simply catching the eye of your partner in one during sex can send a tingly shockwave through your body, not to mention the visual pleasure you get from watching you both enjoy yourselves. Try putting your mirror, large sizes are best, in different positions around the room, it makes you think of the space in a totally new way, and being told to watch yourself cum can be quite a thrill.




First, don’t ever Google ‘sexy toothpaste’ the results are odd. Secondly toothpaste has long been lauded as the solution to every zit problem under the sun; but it’s potential as a titillating tingling teaser (alliteration is my jam) has only just begun to perforate the social sphere. Instead of investing in all of these expensive ‘Tingle’ lubricants, which don’t so much tingle as they do burn, just grab a squeeze of your trusty toothpaste. A dab on all of your sensitive areas will soon lead to a nice prickling sensation, and I don’t need to tell you what a toothpaste oral will feel like.




Do do not place the headphones over your breasts like this photo suggests – there is no gain in this. Instead use the headphones as a form of sensory deprivation. Pop on a mellow track, or whatever tempo track you fancy, and tie/blindfold your partner so they can’t see or hear where you are or what you’re going to do. Spend the evening teasing and taunting whilst listening to your favourite tunes. Perhaps build up to the moment by creating a playlist together, the build up will be worth it.


Yoga Mat


So spry, so flexy, so sexy. Ok but seriously, a yoga mat is a very durable (and washable) tool. Even if you can’t touch your toes, a yoga mat is a great way to get engaged with your partner. Exercise is an awesome precursor to sex, a fun and flirtatious way to get sweaty and steamy with minimal clothing on, and the small rectangle of space means you have to get inventive with positions you attempt. Simple yoga poses are basically sex-aid stretches allowing you to loosen up before a long session.


So there you have it, 10 ideas to get your juices flowing around the house when facing a tight budget. When thinking up these ideas I did trawl across the internet and came across a quite frightening suggestion from COSMO for vacuum-powered clitoral stimulation which makes me think that all the ladies there have never, ever, actually had sex.